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We offer flexible secured loans of up to $2 million

Our loans are tailored to your unique requirements


A wide range of loans to suit your needs

Our loans are secured against all types of real estate, including residential, commercial, and industrial properties, and land. We offer a range of loans to suit your needs, and can work alongside existing senior funding facilities.

Bridge loans

Our bridge loans help companies and developers react quickly to opportunities

Development finance

We help developers fund property developments, and land that is waiting for development approvals

Completion loans

Our loans help developers complete developments when insufficient senior funding is available

Equity release

We allow real estate owners to use their equity across their portfolio and release profits on completed developments

GST funding facilities

We provide short-term funding of GST costs until ATO refunds are received


Diverse lending solutions for all property types

From residential and commercial properties to warehouses, agricultural land, development sites, and nearing completion projects, our comprehensive lending options cover a wide range of property types. Secure the funding you need with our flexible and reliable financing solutions.


Enjoy flexibility, explore opportunity

Our loans offer flexible repayment terms from 3-18 months, tailored to meet your specific requirements. With loans up to 80% LVR, your real estate can secure the funding you need.

3-18 months

Loan Durations

Giving you the flexibility to choose a repayment schedule that works for you.


Loan-to-value ratio (LVR)

We are able to lend up to a 80% LVR ratio, depending on circumstances

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