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Limba are experts in structuring flexible lending solutions.

The Limba Finance team, Directors and its shareholders have extensive experience in the secured lending space and deep knowledge of Australian real estate markets. This combination of structuring experience and asset knowledge results in Limba being able to offer funding solutions that many of its peers cannot provide. Limba is part of the City Finance Holdings group and formerly known as Limba Loans.


A streamlined process that makes it easy for you

Limba Finance has a streamlined process that understands our clients need fast feedback, reliable outcomes, and funding when it is needed.

1. Consultation

Our experienced team of experts will guide you through the loan process, addressing your unique needs and providing tailored solutions.

2. Customer Application

Our transaction team will work with you to capture the information we require and submit the application.

3. Term Sheet Issued

Once your application is reviewed, we'll provide you with a term sheet that outlines the terms and conditions of your loan, giving you a clear understanding of the proposed agreement.

4. Customer Accepts

Customer confirms they wish to proceed and for Limba to obtain final approvals

5. Loan Approval

Our diligent underwriting team will review your application and supporting documents, ensuring a thorough evaluation. Once approved, we'll provide the green light to proceed with the loan.

6. Deal Closing

We'll work with your legal team to finalise the paperwork, agree funding details, and ensure a smooth and efficient process.


Meet our team

Our philosophy is simple — hire a team of dedicated, passionate people that are dedicated to making things happen for our clients

Andrew Watson

Andrew has spent his career in corporate and property finance with large international banks and specialist property groups. Andrew is a Director of the Limba Group and responsible for the strategic direction of the business.

Chantelle Cronin

Chantelle is our lending support manager, who knows how to get things done. With years of experience in finance and relationship management across various sectors and portfolio sizes.

James Pound

James is focused on Limba's loan origination and business development. He has extensive experience working with banks, boutiques and also private equity firms.

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