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Need something cleared up? Here are our most frequently asked questions.

What does Limba do?

We provide secured funding from $100k to $2mil, helping find quick funding solutions to businesses, property developers and real estate owners located all around Australia. We can offer loans that sit behind senior lenders in a second charge or mezzanine position.

What type of properties can be used as security?

Residential, Commercial, Industrial properties, and in some situations, we will also accept land zoned for development, and agricultural properties.  

Do you offer unsecured loans?

No, all our loans are secured on real estate. 

Can properties under construction be used as security?

Yes, we can we fund properties during construction and will consider the ‘as if complete’ valuation.

Is a property valuation required?

Valuations are an important part of our lending criteria. We will accept valuations from a panel valuer that are less than 3 months old. If no current valuation reports are available, they will be instructed.

What areas of Australia do you lend?

All of it! We lend to businesses based in all states and territories including rural communities.

What is the maximum Loan to Value Ratio (LVR) accepted?

The maximum LVR will depend on each situation but will not exceed 80%.

Can you lend to an individual?

We only lend to businesses with a registered ABN or ACN. However, we will consider factors relating to the company directors and guarantors when making our lending decisions.

What repayment options do you offer?

We can offer loans that fully capitalize fees and interest. We also offer loans with interest only, and P&I repayment structures. We can also do a combination of these options. 

What do you charge?

Our pricing is tailored to each situation. Typically we will charge an establishment fee, a monthly interest charge, and a small monthly administration fee.

Do you fund broker commission?

Yes, we are able to add broker commissions to the amounts we lend to our clients.

Who can I discuss a deal with?

You can call one of the Limba Finance team on 07 3458 9205 or press the ‘request meeting’ button on this site.

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